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I haven't not received my pay for the just it job

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No my pay is incorrect

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I have been paid since I started 2 weeks ago

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Can you tell me why my pay is less when I work the same hours every week
Can you tell me why my pay on the slip says i have to wait 3 working days. I was informed that the pay day was on a Friday
Hi, could you please confirm my wages for this week and confirm that I will be paid tomorrow. Thanks

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Hi how i can claim my holiday
I reported 5 days ago that it wouldnt let me put all me hours on the timesheet and have sent servaral emails saying this , it was said that it would be sorted but no, i only have one days pay when i worked 4!
My time for travel has been added to my wage slip but my mileage hasn't been added yet
Hi, I've started my job 2 weeks ago and I haven't received my first weeks payment?
Trying to find out why last week's time sheet has not been approved, and I have not been paid for the hours worked.


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