Once an invoice is received that has been linked to a PO you have raised, you will receive an email stating that a payment request has been assigned to you:

You will need to log in to Concur and click ‘Payment Requests’:

Double click the relevant request to approve:

At this point you can see if the invoice has been matched to the PO within the tolerance limit or if it exceeds the limit:

You can view the invoice by clicking ‘View invoice’.

You will need to click on the ‘Matching Summary’ tab first:

Tick the box of the line on the PO that relates to the invoice (it may be that you have multiple lines on the PO and the invoice received is only for one so you need to specify which). You then need to click ‘Match’.

You will then need to click back on to the ‘Payment request’ tab and mark the goods/service as goods received and click save

Next you need to double click on the distribution code line under ‘Itemization Summary’:

If you have a query with the invoice and this has not been resolved within 10 days, the approval will automatically escalate to your line manager.

If you are happy with the invoice then click ‘Submit Request’ – this will approve the invoice ready for payment when due.

If the invoice is more than the Purchase Order and is above the tolerance but it is correct then you can still ‘Submit Request’ and the invoice will be sent to your line manager for further approval prior to payment.